Denver Samoyed Association put together a handy guide to grooming your Samoyed. This guide is available in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format and can be viewed by clicking on the link below. We included a few grooming tips here to get you started.

Grooming Your Samoyed

1.  Brush the coat with a large pin brush. Comb or cut through all mats before washing your Samoyed.

2. Bathe dog with the whitening shampoo. Get the dog’s body wet. Rub in shampoo scrubbing with finger tips if needed to work in the lather. Thoroughly rinse off the shampoo on the body. Wet the head (careful not toget water in the ears). Rub in shampoo on head, then rinse when done. Allow dog to shake off excess water,and follow up by squeezing the longer coat on the body with the towel. Rub the shorter coat with the towelon the head, feet, and lower legs. The more water you can get off with towels, the faster your dog will dry.If the coat is very tangled and matted or is damaged, then using crème rinse may be helpful.

3. Drying a Samoyed is best accomplished with a powerful forced air dryer/blower. This will actually blow a lot of the water off the dog.

4. As the dog is drying, loose hair will come out. The drier the dog, the more hair comes out. If the dog isactively shedding you can pull out loose hair with your fingers or use a pin brush to help get the hair out

5. After the dog is completely dry, line comb the hair. This is done by pushing up a section of coat andcombing it downwards. This gets at all areas of the dog and really gets the loose undercoat out. It also allows you to really take a good look at your dog’s skin so you will notice if there are any sores or otherproblems.

6. Cut the nails (after the bath) with a heavy-duty, pliers-type nail clipper to prevent the nails from splitting. Remove only the tips of the nails so as not to cut the quick (the pink part you can see).

7. Remove the “feathers” growing around the paws and the hair between the toes with scissors to give this areaa clean, neat appearance.

8. Trim up the pants, belly, and foreleg feathers to help keep the dog cleaner and easier to keep up.

 However, for pets that live in the home and because of the color of this dog, it may be desirable to bathe them more often to rid thecoat of visible dirt. This may also be accomplished by simply using the dryer/blower and blowing the dirt out and while using a pin brush or steel rake to comb the coat. A bath about every two to three months should be sufficient. Between groomings, the nails should be checked every other week to see if they need clipping. Combing with the steel comb or rake prevents matting. Dental care is very important as well. Please check with your veterinarian for his/her recommendations of caring for your dog’s teeth and gums.

Sissy Face

The Samoyed does not have to be bathed as frequently as other long-coated breeds

Large Pin Brush, Whitening Shampoo Ph balanced for dogs, Slicker Brush, Scissors (narrow shank through screw) Steel Comb (Greyhound/Hindes) Dryer/Blower (such as Metro Air, Circuiteer) Nail Clipper (heavy duty—Miller’s Forge) Toothbrush/dog toothpaste, Rake, Towels.

Equipment Needed

For more About Samoyeds and Grooming Tips visit Denver Samoyed Association website. And for more Samoyed  grooming information download groomers.pdf and grooming seminar.pdf

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