Characteristics of the Samoyed Dog

A significant part of this breed overview was put together with excerpts from a brochure titled "Meet the Samoyed!", compiled by Jane Reller. 

There is no way to fully describe the Samoyed dog's understanding, intelligence, and his value as a pet except to live very closely with one and experience the great treasure he becomes in your home.  If you are willing to give your time and love, you will receive the greatest reward a dog lover can own - being owned by a Sammy.

Personality -  The Samoyed, by nature, is not quarrelsome though he will stand his ground for what he feels are his rights.  He is an all-purpose dog and adapts easily to most any circumstance or environment.  One dog may be very attentive and obedient while another may be more headstrong and less demanding of affection

Children - When brought up with children, they will be his favorites - he excels as a playmate and guardian who will not desert his charges when they are in danger. However, as with any animal, it is important that children understand the dog's need to retain his  dignity and be treated with the respect and appreciation due any family member.

Other animals - The herding instinct is very strong. A Samoyed will take every opportunity to herd the neighbor's cats, rabbits, or squirrels. However, he is also very intelligent, and has a keen sense of knowing when you are happy (or not). If he is not already inclined to do so, with patience and persistence he can be taught to live with other animals - large or small

Common problems - The Samoyed is a vocal dog and will voice his pleasures and dislikes. His herding instinct is very strong, and he will take off after a rabbit despite your command to stay - he needs a securely fenced yard. The Samoyed is a companion animal and must never be deprived of human companionship. He thrives on being part of the family, it is an absolute must for this breed and they will demand it!!  If he is bored he will find ways to entertain himself that may not meet with his Owner's approval.

Samoyeds are said to have an uncanny understanding of human nature having served as man's constant companion for many generations. These dogs had great value as reindeer shepherds, as draft and sled dogs, and were household companions to the nomadic Samoyedes, who lived in the vast Russian tundra. The Samoyed is distinguished by its dark, intelligent eyes, sparkling white coat, and "smiling" face. Early this century they were imported to this continent, where they are now well established as a handsome member of the WorkingGroup of the American Kennel Club (AKC) breeds.

Female (19"-21" at the shoulder) 

Weight: In proportion to height

Eye color: Dark brown only 

Size:  Male (21 -23.5" at the shoulder) 

Coat color:  Pure white, white and biscuit (off white), or all biscuit

S   A   M   O   Y   E   D

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Samoyed (sahm'-uh-yed), the breed "with Christmas in it's face" is considered by many to be the most beautiful of all the purebreds. 

Grooming - The Samoyed has a double coat.  The outer coat is coarse, long, and the tips have a silver glint. The undercoat is wool and can be carded and spun into a strong, warm yarn for knitting or weaving. Regular brushing and combing with effective grooming tools is a requirement for this breed. A Samoyed coat left unattended quickly becomes matted and it is a miserable (if not impossible) job to comb out and very painful for the dog. Grooming time is increased significantly during shedding season , but the quicker the old  hair is combed out, the quicker the constant onslaught of loose hair will subside. The Samoyed coat is odorless of the typical "doggy" smell, but it will pick up other offensive odors if allowed to contact them. Samoyeds should never be shaved. Their thick coat protects them from both the cold and the rays of the sun.

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The Samoyed Dog Facts
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